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These Explosion Proof float switches and liquid level sensors with ATEX & IECEx certifications are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

Switches & sensors can be made to customer specifications.

Atex Liquid Level Sensors & Atex Float Switches

The Deeter LVCS-FP is a magnetic float on a reed switch or Hall Effect sensor stem for control and indication of a liquid level while in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

  • Standard lengths or custom length sensor stems up to 4m.
  • Stainless steel 316L housing and wetted components.
  • ATEX and IECEx approved.
  • Suitable for gas and dust environments.
  • Suitable for high liquid temperatures.
Atex Level Sensor

Atex Certified Temperature Sensors

The PYRO id50 modules system enables you to define a tailored Atex temperature sensor for your in-line application.

When maintaining your sensors, the id 50 system allows you to replace only those parts which are faulty.

The PYRO id50 system is adaptable to all types and makes of Atex temperaure sensors.

Pyro ID50 Sensor